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The Company provides security solutions for your facilities using only the most advanced equipment.
We offer:
  • Perimeter Intrusion Detection Alarm Systems;
  • Video Surveillance Security Systems;
  • Access Monitoring and Control System
  • Pipeline Cut-in and Leak Detection Systems.
At Customer's option, all of the above-listed systems may be combined into a single software and hardware security system to be arranged at the facility.

Our performance in the market of security services features cooperation
with many customers in different spheres.
A special emphasis in our work is attached to creating integrated
perimeter defense systems in international and local airports and
aerodromes. In recent years, we have accomplished successful projects
in the airports of Kyiv, Lviv, Odesa and Kharkiv.
Our company’s high scientific and technical potential helps us resolve
the issues of security and defense of objects and territories of any
complexity and intended use. The company staff consists of highly
qualified employees skilled in programming, creating security hardware,
developing the conceptual security fundamentals of objects and
territories, installing the integrated security systems of perimeters, objects
and terrains.
Besides airports and other transport infrastructure objects the projects
we have accomplished include cottage settlements, conservation
areas, logistic centers, private areas, industrial enterprises, government
residences, warehouses, gas distribution substations, product pipelines,
speedways, trading companies, and others.
For many years, our equipment has been successfully used in difficult
weather conditions, in mountainous and marshy areas, in deserts,
forests, at seacoasts, etc. The equipment that we supply has a quality
assurance and meets the ISO 9001 quality management requirements.
In order to meet our customer’s needs, we use the world’s best products
(materials and components of the best producers of the world) as well
as do our utmost to extend the development and production of our
own produce.

- Up-to-date, reliable and highly effective equipment that meets
European quality standards.
- Unprecedentedly long guarantee maintenance term.
- Free technical support and advice during
the whole equipment maintenance term.
- Permanent readiness for mutually beneficial cooperation.

About as



Technical systems integrated security for airports and large industrial facilities

Network video surveillance system
Digital network security CCTV broadcast the resulting image on a computer network, and the signal is digitized directly into the camera.
To arrange collection, processing and viewing images using computers. This allows for digital video surveillance at airports, major shopping centers and industrial sites protected.

Perimeter System
To protect the production, storage, military and other objects used special protected perimeter protection system T-REX, which prevents unauthorized access to the territory. Devices that monitor the perimeter, not only fixing the penetration and send a signal to the control, but may include various alert devices (siren, floodlight, etc.).
To overcome the perimeter fence is virtually impossible - it prevents the existence of specific peaks. In addition, the penetration will be "zasichena" security system that protects the perimeter.

Thermal Imaging Surveillance System
These cameras allow you to monitor up to 5 km even in the dark. Modern thermal imaging modules and systems provide video surveillance of the object under any weather conditions. To create a video using a matrix with a resolution of 384x288 and 640x480 pixels.

Systems, leak detection and pipeline damage
Pipelines leak detection system (JMA) is designed to include depressurization of the pipe caused by natural phenomena, mechanical damage or unauthorized tapping.
Action leak detection Wave Control is based on an analysis of wave-like pressure drop. It can detect the location of leaks of oil and gas to within 50 meters for 30 - 60 seconds. This arrangement proved perfectly control operation, and ensure the safety of oil and gas pipelines worldwide.

Security fencing

Mesh fencing panel


T-Rex Sky Security

Integrated hardware and software security complex



The security alarm system is a perimeter protection



Video surveillance system


Video analytics

Integrated video analytics modules






Access control and management system


Wave Control

Pipeline leak detection system


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